Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Friend Joe

When I was younger I had friend named Joe. Joe also was friends with burnt Johnny. Not really sure how I met Joe but he was really cool. He was white but if you talked to him without seeing him you would think he was black. I loved going to his house to hang out. He had a big pool in his backyard. The bottom was slimy because of the fungus that was growing in it but we didn't care.

He also had a shed in the back. Me him and burnt Johnny would sometimes chill in there with the radio bumping to Tupac we loved his cd. Joe lived with with his mother who acted like his sister and his grandmother who acted like his mother. His family was cool :) Sometimes when I didn't want to go home I would crash at his house. After a while I noticed Joe started changing over to the dark side. 

He started growing out his hair, paint his finger nails black and dress in all black with a black coat. I didn't look at him any different. To me he was still the same Joe that bumped with me in the shed to Tupac. A goth white Tupac SCARY. I know people thought he was a freak because he was starting to look like one. He didn't have may friends but if people took the time to know him they would've had a great friend because he was mine.

Some gothic people are really cool people and others well I'm not sure